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Massive Scale

Effortlessly scales with capacity to control over 800,000 lights at 100fps

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Instant Deployment

Create concepts at light speed and translate your digital design seamlessly to the built environment

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Intelligent Automation

Save thousands of hours with software that automates lighting calcs and other tasks

Introducing Stellar

First-in-class lighting design software with true 3D modeling and real-time simulation

Prototype and visualize from any perspective

Design interactive layouts and visualize daylighting, color rendering, time of day effects and preview overall integration with the environment

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Automated commissioning and configuration

Self-discovers lights, eliminating complicated installation, programming, and commissioning dramas

Precise effects at any scale

Achieves maximum precision with controllability of individual diodes to render complex animations and a countless array of effects

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Optimizes lighting to reduce electricity usage by up to 85%

Shimmer automates energy code compliance across entire sites for platimum LEED certification, green building codes, and a lower carbon footprint

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Shimmer's unique set of features make it ideal for a wide range of lighting applicatons

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Interactive Light

is light that adapts to

  • weather or time of day

  • building and room occupancy patterns

  • traveler pathways in transportation hubs

  • shopper movement and intent in retail environments

  • new energy codes